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Providing Exceptional Customer Service and Exhibiting Professionalism Within Your Company.

December  2018

When starting and operating a business, you want to ensure that your business is being ran based upon morals and values that align with customers who you chose to target. Providing excellent customer service and displaying exceptional and professional character when meeting with your clients, are essential to high business retention and increases your chances to get referral customers and keep current or past customers as well. Most customers will not refer your business if you have not met and exceeded their expectations of service. Business professionals must be mindful of things they say, what they wear and their body language when meeting with potential or current customers. Some individuals can be offended very easy and may take certain things personal, such as an inappropriate comment, a shirt with a vulgar phrase or even if you are on your phone excessively while making a business deal. As business owners, we are always mindful of our chose of words, what we wear and we commit to giving our customers our undivided attention during estimates and appointments. Investing in business shirts, that display your brand’s logo or name, is very appropriate while working, if that is not an option for your company at the moment, then we would recommend a solid color shirt that does not display anything that can be considered unsuitable. When meeting with customers always greet them by last name and shake hands while giving great eye contact, this shows respect and manners. By building a positive reputation for your company, you will have to treat your customers with dignity, loyalty and be honest with them. When reaching out to new customers, always be honest and provide the limitations of what services your business can and cannot provide and remember to thank them for contacting your business, ( remember they are the people who determine the success or failure of your business). Send thank you emails to those who have referred customers and after you meet with customers as well. Showing your customers that you appreciate them and that you are always willing to attend to their needs, questions and concerns promptly, will impress them and give them a welcoming feeling. Always communicate with your customers and let know when your business will be closed or on the days and times that you will not be available to answer their calls or emails. Do not leave customers hanging or waiting too long to hear back from you, as that will lessen your chances of gaining their business. Do not make promises that can not be kept and if something comes up that prohibits you from holding up your end of the bargain, then always be sure to communicate that with your customer or client. We have a strict deadline on estimate proposals, in which we will ensure that after a estimate is completed, the proposal is typically sent to the customer within 1-2 business days of contact. If we are unable to send the proposal as promise, we reach out to our customer and inform them and also by providing them with an alternate date. That same rule applies to scheduled appointments for home improvement projects, typically we start our projects as planned, but there are occasions when we have exterior projects and due to bad weather, they can not be completed as scheduled, we then reach out to the customer and schedule another weather permitted day. Maintaining a positive business reputation keeps customers wanting to utilize your service. Businesses should always refrain from posting inappropriate and disrespectful items on their social media pages and websites, always keep your personal life and private thoughts separate from your business page. Previous customers and potential customers may be watching and feel offended and chose not to use your service in the future. As stated earlier always be mindful of who you are targeting and put your customers feelings first. Base Painting LLC would like to wish our readers and customers a Happy Holiday and we will see you all next year.