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Building Your Brand

November  2018

Building a brand, whether big or small takes time. Whether or not that time is long term or short term, it all depends on how aggressive or determined you are as a business owner and or entrepreneur. First and foremost you must believe in your brand and be willing to take risks for your brand. You have to look at your brand as if it is a child. You must birth it, nurture it, feed it, protect it and allow it to grow and become the best that it can be. As business owners we are constantly bringing revenue increasing ideas to the table and instilling new components within our company in order for it to grow and be better than it was the month prior. You never want to put a cap on your business and allow it to be halted or stuck at a stand still. Businesses are meant to grow, flourish and become stronger as time goes on. There are a few things to keep in mind when building a brand that also helps to enhance the growth of it, those particular things are, know your audience, who do you plan on targeting with your product or services? Finding a Business name and slogan that fits and represents your business in a respectable and positive manner. Developing a logo, a particular pattern and or color, that lets others know that when the see that sign or symbol, it is allowing them to tie that visual back to your brand or product. Lastly you want to apply your branding across your business and evolve it as you grow. When it comes to building a brand, budgets are always important as well, you don’t want to over spend on branding or on advertisement, stay within your budget and do what works best for you. When we first started our business, our budget was on a much smaller scale than it is now. We weren’t able to afford a decent website, yahoo or google listings, so we utilized what was affordable to us at the time. Social media is at times, a gift and a curse, however I do believe that it is a positive way of promoting your brand and getting you business information out to those who you intend to reach. It allows you set certain budgets on how much you want to pay per day for your ad and allows you to pick and choose your targeted audience. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of as many outlets as possible whether free or inexpensive, in order to get your brand known, until you have designed or reached a larger budget in order to get much better advertisement options. Keep in mind you brand is only as good as you are, if you put in minimum effort, your brand or business will be as minimum as you design it to be, however if you put your best foot forward and invest as much effort as possible, then of course your business outcome will match your energy and effort and provide you with endless possibilities. Never settle for less and always treat your business with the same intent as you expect you get in return. What we are really trying to say is, put into your brand what you want out of your brand. Take care of your brand and it will take care of you.