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Coming up with our company's name

October  2018

Finding the right name for your company, can be difficult in a sense. It can take up to several days, weeks, or even sometimes months to perfect the appropriate name, that will entitle your business to stand out and be separated from its competition. You want to choose a name that will enlighten your journey, contribute to your legacy and provide customers with a positive vibe. Our business name "Base Painting" wasn't always that. At first we decided to self name the company by using one of the owners name, but as we thought about it, the name "Eric Mitchell Painting" just seemed to blend right in with the rest of the "mom and pop" painting companies in the area and blending in was something we definitely didn't want to do. It wasn't until 2014, when someone, so very dear to us passed away, which gave us the idea and the opportunity to pay homage to his life and name our company after him. His name was Base, that was of course his nickname. After collaborating amongst each other we decided to put the name "Base" in front of Painting and that would be our company's name from there on out.‚Äč